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About Us

Our Mission

Face it, whether you drive a newer or older vehicle, chances are you will be needing auto repair and/or maintenance service. That’s just part of being a car owner, but unlike the traditional approach of bringing it to a car dealer or driving it from shop to shop seeking the best estimate, you can now get shop repair bids\estimates online at the comfort of your own home using

Our goal is to find auto repair shops in and near customer’s location. When customer enters their zip code and repair description, will search shops within the entered zip code and requests for repair estimates. Once the auto repair shop responds with an estimate, it’ll be send to the customer’s email. The auto repair estimates from various shops will also be listed within the customer’s login page. How do we qualify car repair shops you asked? We qualify repair shops by ensuring they have attained the ASE or ICAR certificates. This way, we are confident they will provide the best possible auto repair service at the most reasonable cost. Some of our customers claimed to save up to 45% on their first visit using our site,

Our History

In 1995, a car enthusiast IT professional brought his car to a local body shop for a bumper repair. He was greeted by the shop foreman that also loved cars, but not just any cars, we’re talking vehicles that have shaped our culture and formed our daily lives. They would spend hours talking about American Classics to collectable European vehicles.

Soon they formed a bond and began talking about the auto repair industry and how they can restore customer confidence. They wanted to be the customer advocates for drivers needing Auto Body and\or Mechanical repairs with reasonable repair cost.

Till one day in mid 2009, they decided to build a web site offering car owners an opportunity to select an auto repair estimate from many shop bidding for the same repair. This, they thought, would indeed eliminate unfair pricing from local shops. Realizing this would be a huge task to tackle, they contacted one of the ex-colleagues that is equally passionate about cars and with remarkable technical skills to motion this idea into market.

Today we are proud and pleased to announce has thousands of certified shops within our network serving coast to coast, or saving drivers from coast to coast. Our certified shops are approved by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and ICAR (Certified Body Shop). Our services include Towing (24/7 emergency), Auto Body & Mechanical and Auto Detailing.

We believe a successful company starts with integrity underlined by values and principles fueled by passion. Our relentless drive for success can only be interpreted by our peers as passion for the auto industry as we march forward.

Thanks for stopping by as this is our story and this is