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Term of Use for Shops

We’ve created Fixcarbids network of top notched Auto Repair, Auto Mechanical and general Auto Servicing technicians and Fixcarbids itself to wed car-loving consumers and autorepair and mechanical professionals when accidents and\or mechanical breakage happen. It has been quite a challenge to design a system that satisfies the needs of the repair and repair shop owner and the cash strapped consumer. In order to provide a context that is mutually beneficial for all parties, we have tried to build a fair and semi-transparent platform without systematic unfair advantage to any single participant. We have interviewed and tested our system with many shop owners and "volunteer customers" to cover all scenarios but know that changes will be needed for scenarios we have not yet anticipated. Given that the challenge of optimizing for the benefit of everyone is continuing, we ask that Fixcarbids shops members observe the current Rules, and appreciate that we may make modifications to these rules over time as needed.

Fixcarbids policies - explicit rules and suggested guidelines - help to create a safe, fair and enjoyable environment for all Fixcarbids users and repair shops. As a provider of estimates and other information for consumers, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding Fixcarbids participation policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the User Agreement. Please join us in abiding by these rules, and let us know if you become aware of any violation or other behavior that is not in the spirit outlined below. Fixcarbids participation policies are updated to respond to marketplace, community and security issues, so it is important to check them regularly and report violations or make suggested changes.

Violations of these policies may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Bid/estimate cancellation
  • Limits on account privileges
  • Account suspension or outright removal
  • Forfeit of Fixcarbids access to cancelled bids and all other parts of Fixcarbids
  • Loss of Fixcarbids Quality User Review status, accumulated data, and ranking

Fundamental Policies

Be nice.

At its core, Fixcarbids is a customer service for people who love their cars. Whether or not your estimate is chosen, please know that the folks who read your comments are actual people too - different ages, backgrounds, and politics perhaps - but, like you, lovable just the same. When you write comments we encourage candor, and humor, but we will not tolerate any rudeness. Unpleasant interactions may result in warnings or getting kicked out of Fixcarbids network altogether, at the arbitrary discretion of the Fixcarbids admin staff.

Estimate using the total “Out-the-Door” price, including taxes.

It is okay to respond to inquiries with uncertainty - a dollar range with caveats or no estimate at all even - but in the event that you do respond with a dollar estimate we require that your estimate will be made in good faith and will be comprehensive, including taxes and any other out-the-door expected expenses. In the event that subsequent physical inspection reveals further damage not visible in the photographs that served as the basis of your estimate, you will notify the customer before any work is performed and you and the customer will have an opportunity at that time to modify the estimate on the Fixcarbids system in order to protect your user rating. (See "Estimate Revision Process" for further detail).

Active Status

Fixcarbids asks that as long as you are registered as here to provide estimates, you either make every effort reply to every bid request, or you toggle your profile to "Vacation Mode" which will take you out of all bidding until you return to "Active Mode." We monitor performance - in the event it looks like you are no longer interested in participating, we may auto-toggle you into Vacation Mode or remove your account altogether, so please be sure to keep us informed of your intentions.


Limitation of Fixcarbids Liability:

Revisions and Data Resets: Fixcarbids recognizes and accepts that this is a "beta" (early release) website, subject to ongoing development and revision without notice. Reasonable effort shall be made to preserve data, however Fixcarbids shall not be held liable in the event of any database purges or resets of the values, surveys, or any other shop information.

Ownership of Photos: All photos transmitted to the Fixcarbids site from members or other participants become property of FIXCARBIDS LLC. immediately on receipt. Fixcarbids reserves the right to reuse, sell, or publish those photos without any restriction or claim. Photos viewed by Fixcarbids members on the estimation pages or elsewhere in the website are the property of FIXCARBIDS LLC. and are not available for distribution, co-promotion, or any other commercial or personal use without the explicit written permission of FIXCARBIDS LLC.

Ownership of Intellectual Property: All content, logos, and trademarks on Fixcarbids sites, as well as the design of the system, research reports generated, customer lists, and user data accumulated over time, remain the sole property of FIXCARBIDS LLC. Fixcarbids Member Non-Performance:Members must recognize their documented estimates per tracking code. Although all estimates are subject to revision after physical inspection, auto repair shops cannot fail to acknowledge the existence of any estimate for which a customer handshake (completed two-way transmission of information) was accepted, and are not allowed to significantly misrepresent their services offered by not meeting the terms and description outlined in their estimate.

Fixcarbids General Limitation of Liability: Members release FIXCARBIDS LLC. from any and all liabilities associated with consumer interactions. Fixcarbids shall be held harmless in the event of any misrepresentation or miscommunication by any consumer, member shop, legal authorities, or any other party. Fixcarbids Members accept complete and total responsibility for any claims filed by consumers with regard to any work performed or not performed whether or not it came referred from Fixcarbids. Member shops recognize that Fixcarbids is a communication medium only and does not share in any responsibility for any transactions or repairs made directly with consumers, or claims by consumers thereof.

Shill Bidding: Estimators are required to be independent operators and may not maintain more than one Fixcarbids account or place more than one estimate on any individual consumer inquiry (Job Request - "jobreq") or have family members, roommates, friends or employees respond to the same jobreq. Franchisees and company owned shops of a chain of auto repair shops are expected to make estimates on a specific shop basis, and all shops must be registered with Fixcarbids as affiliated. The service is designed to preclude the possibility that two or more members of an affiliated group will receive the same inquiry. Coordinated communication and management of estimates between affiliated locations are not possible at this time but is a feature that may be introduced if enough chains ask for it. Likewise, this principle of authenticity applies to the Fixcarbids members, affiliates, families, friends, and so on are not allowed to respond to surveys or engage in any activity intended to artificially manipulate quantified results data represented or distort the feedback from actual independent consumers.

Tax Policy: Fixcarbids is purely a communication medium and is not subject to fees and taxes that apply to various participants and completed transactions.

Cancellation and Refunds: Fixcarbids reserves the right to cancel membership service to any shop at any time, without any explanation or notice required. In the event cancellation applies to subscription features that have been paid for in advance, Fixcarbids reserves the right to remove any shop from the Shop Directories without notice or explanation.

Separate Transactions: Fixcarbids Members and Participants cannot interfere with a transaction or offer to buy or sell services outside of the site (see "Rules for Everyone - Overview").

To report a policy violation:

  • Locate and review the policy page that deals with the violation.
  • Report a violation by clicking the Contact link at the bottom of this page.
  • Enter the item number(s) of the violation that you want to report in the message field.
  • Send your message to Fixcarbids Customer Support.

Note: Only report a case once. Multiple emails about the same case slow an investigation.

After your report is received:

Fixcarbids will consider the circumstances of an alleged policy violation and the user's past history before taking action.

Disciplinary action may result in Fixcarbids Membership cancellation, limits on account privileges, account suspension, forfeit of Member fees and benefits, and loss of review status, historic data, and ranking.

If a complaint can't be proven with certainty, Fixcarbids may or may not take action at it's own discretion. Fixcarbids reserves the right to deny service to individuals and Fixcarbids members with or without cause.

Due to privacy issues, it's not possible for Fixcarbids to discuss the results of an investigation.

Posts made in Fixcarbids affiliated blogs and related sites must also comply with Fixcarbids policies. For more information, see the policy page of each related site.

Conflict Resolution Procedure: Fixcarbids uses a Single/Double Handshake review mechanism that is designed to optimize the usefulness of public performance reviews from both the perspective of consumers and repair shops. However there are times when people don't agree and someone is disappointed. In these cases, Fixcarbids may step in to help find a happy solution, or if a shop has a consistent pattern of poor customer relations, Fixcarbids reserves the right to dismiss a shop from the network altogether.

In general, cases where a consumer and a shop articulate a strong disagreement over an individual repair in their surveys, the surveys may be removed from the public Newsfeed and this repair request will be reclassified as in “Dispute Mode.”

Shops are allowed to indicate that they would prefer a disputed review to be removed from their profile and the newsfeed. Likewise, consumers can register a dispute. Each shop can have two reviews in dispute mode without questions.

Subsequent disputed reviews are subject to Fixcarbids administrative review. Administrators may investigate each case and republish them if they deem the shop or consumer to be in error, or if a poor evaluation could not be shown to be unmerited.

Shops that have a pattern of disputes may be removed from the network.