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Dear Shop Owner\Manager,

Thank you for your interest at FixcarBids, we are an auto repair (body & mechanical) broker with thousands of drivers in your area requesting bids for car repairs from shops like yours.

We are currently pre-qualifying Body and Mechanical Repair shops to be on our preferred vendor list. Your shop has been chosen as part our first recruitment phase and on the preferred vendor list.

With your acceptanance, you'll be part of our network for customer bidding on car repairs. It's FREE to sign up!

Our main site is still under construction however we wanted to pre-qualified your shop(s) into our database before offering service to the public as a preferred vendor.

Here’s how it works:

When drivers get into a car accident and\or mechanical breakage, they would normally spend hours\days at gathering repair estimates from nearby shops and hope it’s the honest shop that ultimately does the repair. has streamlined this process by gathering and consolidating bids from shops like yours and provides the list of bids back to the driver via Email.

The driver selects the best estimate and if the bid is from your shop, you’ll be contacted by the driver for an appointment, it’s that simple.

Please click the Register Now! link provided at the top of this page to access our enrollment page so you can join our network and increase your exposure to thousands of prospective customers.

There is absolutely NO CHARGE for enrollment.

We do advise that once you are enrolled into our network and receive daily bid requests, your response time is critical to the success of this business avenue.

Our fee is 10% of the total repair cost before taxes. And we only charge when Customer selects your shop for repair. Enroll into and increase your auto repair sales today.

Good Luck,
FIXCARBIDS.COM Management Team